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Counter Attack Community Pages

Hello and welcome to the Community Page of Counter Attack. Here you will find material that has been developed by the Counter Attack Fanbase.

Wiki - rules

In the Wiki Page you can find the most recent ruleset in a form of a wiki. The latest printed rulebook is v1.3 and is available to download here. In the course of our recent competitions, the Counter Attack fans have have helped to evolve the rules into what you will see on these pages. The set of rules and examples in the wiki pages are being actively maintained and translated in 5 languages. This is the ruleset for our official competitions, too, so keep up to date!

Online Community

Please join us in our Discord Server in order to find opponents and take part in our competitions!

Official Competitions

Join us in the Counter Attack Official Competitions, which we play through Tabletopia and coordinate through our Discord server.

Players joining the leagues are ranked based on experience level and results in previous seasons.

Then we divide this ranked list of players to divisions. Each team plays all teams in the same division.

In this way competitive matches will be played between players in similar experience level.

There is a chance you may have to play a player of a different division if you draw against them in the Cup competition.

This is where anything can happen, teams are drawn without restrictions fighting their way to the final.

In Season 3, 27% of Cup matches saw teams of lower divisions advancing over stronger opponents. The final featured a team from the 5th league!!

In order to spice things up, we invite the champions of each division, along with the best runner-ups and the Cup Winner of the previous season to form a Champions League competition!

Take your spot in Season 4 by expressing interest in the #0-s4-general channel of our Discord Server.

You can always practice by asking our friendly community for a friendly match, in the #looking-for-a-game channel.

If you feel you will be overpowered by more experienced players you can keep an eye for the next Beginners Cup which is a preparation competition for players with no official league experience.

Unofficial competitions take place in parallel in case you cannot commit to a whole season. Check out the tournaments section of the Discord Server. World Cups (using the premium version of tabletopia) and regional competitions like the Balkans Cup or the Copa America emerge from time to time.

World Champion

Would you like to be the World Champion? Find out how here!